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Regal Manufacturers has been established for Five Decades and is based in Wellington New Zealand. Regal are major suppliers to the Funeral Profession in New Zealand, manufacturing high quality casket softgoods (Casket interiors) and Hardware. Regal provides a wide range of general Funeral Directors supplies, and represents the Worlds Leading Brands in Funeral Care, including.

The Dodge Company
The worlds most respected name in Embalming Chemicals cosmetics, instruments, supplies and sundries including handcrafted cremation urns, committed to professional research and development.

Ferno International,
World leaders in the manufacture of funeral home and mortuary equipment including, Mortuary transfer cots, Stretchers, Church trucks, Dressing and Embalming tables, Stretcher and cot covers and a wide range of accessories, supported by EMSAR licensee approved repairer of Ferno International.

Frigid Cemetery Supplies
Cemetery lowering Device machines, equipment service repair and spare parts.

Insight Books
Grief publications, for use by celebrants, councellors, and those who are grieving

The Portiboy Company
Embalming machines

Slaughter Instrument Company
Mortuary Instrumentation and equipment

The York Group
American Style and American manufactured Metal and Wooden Caskets.

This Website is currently under development and we will be in contact with all of our customers on completion of the site. We invite you to consider our new range of Handles and ornamentation, or to contact us for further information.