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Regal Manufacturers has been associated with the New Zealand Funeral Profession for five decades. We place great emphasis on supplying product of quality, promptness of service, and expertise of staff.

To compliment our extensive range of casket softgoods, embalming and general supplies, we now offer a comprehensive range of casket hardware and ornamentation. New Zealand designed and developed the range is Contemporary and bold. Offering strength, ergonomic design and quality plating finish. A set of six handles either drop bar or fixed bar are rated to carry 300 kg, with sufficient space between the handle and casket to provide comfort and ease for casket bearers.

Each handle is delivered to you individually wrapped, and is available in Nickel, Satin or Gold finish. Our range consists of two fixed bar handles, the Heritage and Jubilee handle. The Legacy Drop Bar range incorporates wooden and plated bars.

Casket Handles and Ornamentation

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